I am a sinner. I am selfish. I am lazy. I am anxious. I am liable to snap at my husband. I am angry when my children don’t listen. I am greedy. I am gluttonous. I am a binge spender. I am sheepish. I am bitter. I am able to hold a grudge. I am imperfect.

But I AM is not.

This blog is the product of my personal study time and serves as sort of an online journal. It keeps me accountable and helps me be intentional about the time I set aside for God. If it can be a blessing to you now and then, well, that’s great, too.


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  1. Annette Sangster


    Thank you for sharing your deepest thoughts . I have discovered over time I am a woman with a deep need for relationship, with others, as well as God. Thank you for reminding us that God is “I Am ” Although we are not.



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