Dating Advice to my young Christian self

Dear Self twenty years ago (Okay, fine a little longer than that),

Now that it’s entirely too late to give you these little gems of straight talk, I’d like to share some things I wish I had known then. Choosing a Christian mate was about the most confusing journey I have ever been on. Here we go! Continue reading

Overthinkers Anonymous

Sisters, I need to do some preaching and confessing, so I hope you are ready to do some Amen-ing. And my target audience? Me. Maybe you can benefit, too. But I need to have a stern talk with myself and remind me of a few truths. I am literally trembling with this message. It could be the coffee, true. But, I’m sure it’s the conviction of the Spirit and the overwhelming urgency I have to share with you the goodness of our God. You ready? Here we go! Continue reading